Blooming Butterflies

Hey everyone! Here is my attempt at writing a Floret. A type of poem where the first two lines rhyme and the fourth line rhymes with the first two as well as the third line. It is called a Florette as the fourth line wraps the previous ones as the petals of a flower. Hope you enjoy reading 🌸

Blooming Butterflies

A bud awaking to the sun,

a caterpillar’s initiation has begun.

The shield of green,

the cocoon under the leaf, both unaware of the sun.

The awakening,

the joy of growing.

The wings of the caterpillar begin to flap,

the flower is up from its nap, embracing the rays of the sun glowing.

The butterfly is drawn to the flower

feasts of nectar under the petal’s cover.

Twins of nature, they nurture the other,

the world moves on without a bother, in this beautiful moment we don’t hover.


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