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Doors on all sides, But you don’t choose. You go where you are led. But when you think, You find yourself rooted in the spot Paralyzed by uncertainty Reaching out to the door you knew you had to take But now it eludes you like the horizon eludes the sea.


The world is a small place, each second passing differently. one with an inhale the next with an exhale! People flow in and out, a show orchestrated but not choreographed.

Flames of Fortune-Flash fiction

“This is it, the day I’ve been dreading,” I said for the 10th time that morning. “Yeah, youve mentioned. Besides, it doesn’t matter whether you like your dragon, It matters more if it likes you enough not to push you off a cliff. I must say I’ve had that impulse.” I tuned out my friend’s… Read more “Flames of Fortune-Flash fiction”



Hues change above, Lives lived under a canvas, Art that gives us hope.


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About Me

Welcome to heartisttales!I’m Shraddha, a teen who loves to write and thinks way too much. Here you will find stuff I write, incomplete contemplation, and things I am interested in.Hope you enjoy reading<3

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