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Hope and a vision for the future, unfold in the mind’s eye, fed by limited experiences, they morph and mutate, their comfort elicits a smile.

Compliment (prompt)

Where would you go on a shopping spree? ‘What do you think?’ This is probably my best and favorite compliment ever. Without any such words per say ,it shows that the person truly admires you and values your opinion. It makes me feel wayyy more confident and included. What more can you ask of a…

Reel Review: My Octopus Teacher

Hey everyone! I loved doing the previous film review so much so decided to do another one. My Octopus teacher is a 2020 documentary that explores the forging of an unusual and intruiging bong between a human and an octopus.It tracks fimmaker Craig Foster’s journey, as he lives life alongside this so called ordinary creature…

WordPress Prompt-Confidence?

How would you rate your confidence level? It depends on the circumstance really. Before the event/situation it isn’t more than a five on ten .But once things are in progress I feel quite confident in the flow. I’ve found that giving myself a vague roadmap/set of instructions beforehand helps me be more relaxed while doing…


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About Me

Welcome to heartisttales! I’m Shraddha, a teen who loves to write and thinks way too much. Here you will find stuff I write, incomplete contemplation, and things I am interested in.Hope you enjoy reading<3

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