Finally Writing about Midnights!

As I write this, Sweet Nothing plays on Spotify. It has been quite a while since Midnight’s release, and I had to write about it, albeit a few months late lol.

I must say that overall the album doesn’t affect my album ranking but has definitely affected the ranking of my favorite songs.

Midnights feels like an amalgamation of all her previous albums.

Lavender Haze could have been on Lover, Vigilante Sh*t on Reputation, Karma on 1989 and Bigger than the whole sky might as well have been an evermore song.

In the first listen Midnight Rain, Vigilante Sh*t, and Karma stood out to me. Over the next 2 days Question…? and Mastermind entered the list. Snow on the beach felt very fresh and atmospheric to me and despite the criticism about Lanas feature is very magical to me

Of course, the lyricism in every song is impeccable and while some of Taylor’s older pop songs have great lyrics too, the folklore- evermorey lyrics in a pop song were so engaging and magical.

Some of the 3 a.m. tracks are highlights of the album. The Great war was my recent obsession as well as one of my favorites overall. High infidelity and Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve arguably have the best lyrics in the album. I really wish some of them had been chosen as singles.

Overall, Midnights distinguishes itself while being a classic TS album. I see myself streaming it all of 2023 for sure.All the Easter eggs were worth it ✋


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