Flames of Fortune-Flash fiction

“This is it, the day I’ve been dreading,” I said for the 10th time that morning.

“Yeah, youve mentioned. Besides, it doesn’t matter whether you like your dragon, It matters more if it likes you enough not to push you off a cliff. I must say I’ve had that impulse.”

I tuned out my friend’s routine insults and tried to channelize my energy.

More than anything, I was scared of change. They said the dragon always changed the rider’s life, and I didn’t want anything to change. I was alright with my basic life and had no longing for the thrill of being alive or whatever it was that took my brother away from me, into the mountains.

A reassuring pat on the back brought me back from my mind.

“You’re on your own now,all the best”

I turned back to face the towering gates of the field.

Right leg first. I reminded myself to follow every superstition I followed when things went well.

More nervous-looking men and women were lined up by the parallel wall. I took my place among them\.

This was one of my last moments as a youngling.

My life was going to change.

“Welcome to the moment you all have been waiting for all your lives. Today, you will find not just a dragon to ride, but a companion in all your endeavors. A friend bonded by belief and a guide in the game of life. Whoever you were, whoever you are and whoever ever you’re yet to be, you are bonded by the Code to your dragon. And always remember, you are a passenger and not a rider when it comes to dragons. Let the Ceremony begin.”

A dozen shapes fluttered into the sky. The wind from the wings blew my hair out of place.

I gasped silently as I began to see the shades of the magnificent beasts.Of course I had seen dragons before but there was something abotu the fact that one of them could be mine that was startling.

As they descended I stood rigid and unmoving.

The dragons came up to us, looked into our eyes and moved on.Someone found their the moment their inspection started.

Almost all the dragons had moved past me .Ouch.

There were only 6 of us left without dragons.

My heartbeat quickened.I couldnt be dragonless.That would force me to leave everything I ever knew,leave our realm forever.

A thunderous sound resounded in the sky.

The most beautiful dragon I had ever seen descended flanked by others on all 4 sides.

Regality and elegance,something I scoffed at,something I could never be captured my gaze like never before.She approached the line, looking inquisitively, almost expectantly into the eyes of the people before me.

I clenched my hands as she approached me.

Her eyes were the most musical things I had ever seen. Shades of joy and mystery,wisdom and innocence, optimism and steadfastness played like a symphony.She snorted and flapped her wings,signalling that she had found what she was looking for.

A voice rang out”The queen to be has chosen her rider”.

The queen?


I am nothing but an ordinary human being,stuggling as so many do to get by.

No…there had to be some mistake!


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