Something everyone treasures deeply, something that shapes us, something that has definitely had a hand in molding me.

I must say I have had my fair share of troubles and joys in this regard. When I was younger I had this ultra romanticized idea of having a ‘bosom friend’, all thanks to ‘Anne of Green Gables’. Someone who would be tied to me so deeply, a friendship that would never burn out.

Change happened, and growth happened. For a long time, I was stuck wanting that fantasy friendship and mourning those that had passed by. With time I realized that I wasn’t making the most of the relationships I already had however, far they were from those in my dreams. I hated that growing apart or even just a change in the dynamics of friendship was inevitable. I was stubborn about my idea of everlasting friendship.

As I grew I began to appreciate that people did not have to stay the same, in the same way, I began to change. And a change in the relationship was inevitable when the people in it became different. This understanding modified my perspective while approaching friendships. As something to be cherished at the moment, and the memories made in the moment, to be cherished in the future, with the gratitude that they were once my present.

Do let me know your thoughts on friendship:)


One thought on “Friendships

  1. Change is a part of life, as necessary and inevitable as breathing. The way we react to changes around us, the attitude we take to deal with it and our actions and reactions to change, all feed into us coping, accepting and growing with change.


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