Fight Scene

Hey everyone, I’ve always wanted to try writing a fight scene with all its intricacies. Here is my attempt. Hope you enjoy it! šŸ„·šŸ½

I watched in the dim light, the shadows of two figures, entering from either side of the shed.

They circled each other, vultures assessing their prey. From behind a pillar, I could make out a few features. One was a woman with a sharp-cut face and a lithe figure. She moved like a dancer, almost gliding across the floor. The man matched her in grace, heavy built and supple, his movements were wider. They stood poised and unsheathed their swords.

They charged at each other in silence, their swords making the noise for them.

The lady took the offense, jabbing at every unexpected spot, the man anticipated her every move, not just blocking her attack but managing to push her back. He struck close to the hilt of her sword, sending it clattering on the ground. They knew each other, probably loved each other once. There was a reluctant nature to this duel.

The lady punched the man, in the arm, pushing him backward, and grabbed his sword. She swung the hilt, dangerously close to his head, he ducked just in time for her to hit the back of his head with the hilt of the sword. He fell to the ground unconscious. She sheathed his sword and dragged him to the back of the shed

My breath quickened as I heard footsteps approaching my location. She grabbed me by the arm, and without a glance said “You need to come with me.Now.”

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