Phantom piece

The tune wafted through the air,

luring her towards its source.

The melody washed over her,

sweeter than anything she had ever heard.

Her feet moved of their own volition.

She faintly heard a stream of water flowing nearby,

and felt cold stone under her fingertips.

As she turned the corner, she came across an otherworldly sight.

In front of the ancient piano, sat a ghostly figure,

a beautiful figure.

Coming closer, she saw the woman’s fingers dance across the keys,

her fingers pale and calloused.

The girl sat down next to the woman,

whose expressionless face was illuminated by the moonlight.

Her fingers itched to touch the keys.

Something in her rebelled,

but her resistance proved futile.

The moment her hand touched the cold keys,

the woman drew in a sharp breath,

a calm settled over her features.

The music played itself out through her fingers one last time.

The girl watched in awe, as she faded away

before the music pulled her under.

She had been blessed,

to be cursed with the burden of preserving the phantom piece.


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